Blue Lynx BiColor


Born: 9/13/2021

Go Home: 12/12/2021

Leia & Frosty





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Blue/Cream Mink Tortie


Born: 9/6/2021

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Jasmine & Jaxon




Blue Lynx Mitted


Born: 9/13/2021

Go Home: 12/12/2021

Leia & Frosty

"Princess Jewel"



1. Denise - Seal Mitted

​2. Gabriele - 2 Bicolor Siblings

​3. Marcella - Seal​

​4. Francesca - Blue Point​

5. Joann - Male, seal-lynx

​6. Amanda - Open (no bicolor)​​

​7. Debra - BiColor​​​​

8. Aurielle - Blue BiColor Fem.
​9. Julie - Cream, Flame, Lynx
​10. Julia - Open
11. Laura - Seal Female
​12.  Madge - Female

​13. Betsy - Female​​​​

14. Peggy - Female

​15. Amy - Blue Lynx

16. Sharon - Seal

17. Hayley - Blue​

​18. Kelly - Cream Point Male

​19. Amber - Open

​20. Jennifer - Blue Lynx Female

​21. Yaling - Lynx

​22. Dale - Sepia Male

23. Elizabeth - BiColor Female

​24. Stacey - Open 

25. Doreen - Female

26. Heather - Open

27. Elsa - Blue BiColor Female

​28. Madeleine - Open

​29. Shannon - Open

Deposit/Reservation Details

NOTE: All litters are anticipated but no guarantee of quantity, color, pattern or gender. Ragdoll kittens are born solid white therefore it may take a few weeks for gender, color and pattern to be determined. Please be patient. Once you select a kitten from the list, you will be asked to submit a deposit to reserve that kitten. The balance of the adoption fee will be due upon pickup.

NOTE: Kittens that are AVAILABLE can be reserved

Note: If you are a breeder, you are on our breeder list. You have priority in terms of available kittens.

Upcoming Litters

Wait List Note: If you are on the wait list, we will be reaching out as new kittens become available in the order of the list. If you are not interested in the current kittens, you will remain on the list in the current order. 

Swafford's Ragdoll Cafe


Wait List

[Updated Nov 29th, 2021]

If you would like to reserve a kitten as a pet quality, the deposit is $210 and includes the PayPal fees.

You can make a deposit and be added to the wait list (NOTE: we are not taking deposits for the wait list at this time. if you wish to be added to our wait list, please contact us). The order of the wait list is the order in which kittens are selected. In other words, if you are first on the wait list, you have first choice from any litter we produce. Kittens are separated into two categories, Pet and Breeder. If you are interested in a pet, a $200 deposit will reserve a pet quality kitten. If you are interested in Breeder quality, a $500 deposit will reserve a breeder. Again, the order of selection is based on the order of the wait list for both categories. NOTE: If you are on the wait list for 12 months or more and you have not selected a kitten, you may be removed and your deposit forfeit.

Kittens will be priced at $1800 for BiColor and $1500 for all other Pet Quality and $2800 for BiColor and $2500 for all other Breeder Quality (or $1000 over pet price). See kitten list for specific pricing. Not all kittens will be considered for Breeding, only those that meet the strict standards of the Ragdoll breed. SWAFFSRAGCAFE reserves the right to pull any kitten from the Available Kitten List for Breeding prior to that kitten being selected by a customer. Once reserved, a kitten will not be pulled away from the individual that reserved that kitten.

PLEASE NOTE!!! If you reserve a kitten as a pet, you agree to pay $1000 for breeding rights if you  do not have it spayed or neutered by the time it is 8 months old.  We may ask you to agree to file a credit card with us at the time of pick up in the event you do not honor the contract and do not have them fixed.  If you are reserving a kitten with breeding rights, the cost is $1000 above the pet prices listed above.

We have new litters of gorgeous Ragdoll kittens on a routine basis. Below you will see a list of Available Kittens from recent litters.  If you are interested in reserving one of our kittens, you can either use the deposit information below, or contact us. We expect these little ones to go quickly, so act now.

Current Litters

Color/Pattern Disclaimer: Ragdolls do not reach their full coat color and pattern until maturity and therefore it can be difficult to determine final coat color and pattern as kittens. Descriptions of kittens are provided based on anticipated color/pattern and may not be the final color/pattern.

We have Additional Litters coming:

​[NOTE: scroll down to see newer litters]

If you would like to reserve a kitten as a show/breeder quality, the deposit is $520 and includes the PayPal fees.

Blue/Cream Tortie Mitted


Born: 8/28/2021

Go Home: 11/26/2021

Larissa & Jaxon

"Lilly Belle"