New Kitten Preparation

Congratulations! Your new kitten is ready to come home. He or she is roughly 12 weeks old, has had at least one vaccine round and has seen the vet to confirm health. What do you need to do to prepare your home for your new family member and ensure that he or she remains happy and healthy?

What is needed:

  • Litter Box – You can use whatever litter you wish. While with us, your kitten used a pelletized bedding made of wood shavings. We also suggest investing in Dr. Elsey’s Litter attractant for the first few weeks. This will help your kitten better locate and use the box.
  • Bowls for Food and Water – We recommend shallow stainless steel bowls for both food and water. Stainless steel reduces the chance of cat acne (dark spots under the chin) and are easier to clean. Ragdolls love fresh water and fountains.
  • Kitten Food - Your kitten has been eating Royal Canin Dry Kitten Food for at least the last 4 weeks.  We recommend continuing this feeding regimen for at least 10 to 12 months old. We do not routinely feed wet food, but it is your choice if you wish. Do keep in mind, changing a kitten’s diet will almost always result in short term diarrhea.
  • Kitten Toys – Kittens love toys. We suggest small balls, play sticks, laser pointers or other larger toys, but keep in mind, your kitten may prefer the box the toy came in to the toy itself. We suggest avoiding toys with ribbons or small strings as these can cause health issues if swallowed.
  • Scratch Post or Pad – Your kitten will need a scratching post or pad. The post or pad will help keep your kitten from scratching furniture, carpet or you.

When your kitten arrives home:

Show your Kitten the litter box, food and water bowls
Let your kitten explore, he or she will come to you once comfortable
If you have any issues, please contact us